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If You Can Transform Yourself from an Average Student into an A1 Achiever, Will You Do It?

“Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind” Will Teach You the Study Skill Techniques You Need to Transform Your Grades, and Your Life!

“From The Desk of Dennis Yew (M. Eng.)”
The Top Math Coach in Singapore

Dear Concerned Parents and Students,

  • Do you want to learn secret studying tips and how to study for exams like an A1 achiever in the shortest time?
  • Are you tired of scraping by with below-average or poor grades in school?
  • Does it always seem like no matter how much time you spend studying, you still see no improvement in your grades on exams and papers?
  • Would you like to get straight A’s without ever having to cram for a test, or spend countless hours in late-night study?

If most of your answers to the above questions was “YES“, you MUST CONTINUE TO READ!

In Just a Few Minutes, You Will Have Access to the Ideas and Study Skill Techniques that Have Changed My Life, and Can Change Yours Too!

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Who Am I?

I have been described as compassionate and sincere, jovial yet serious, intelligent and modest. Professionally, I earn my living as an academic coach, mentor and author. In this book, I draw from years of my own personal experiences to share a well-guarded secret — a secret that will also be yours: How to Study Effortlessly.

My Personal story…

I can’t say I was a poor student, but I wasn’t extraordinarily bright either. I was just an average student, until something completely transformed my life.

In this book, I share the details of that experience — what happened, how it happened, and how it changed my life.

You may already have a life-transforming person or influence in your life, but you simply haven’t been taught to recognize its true worth.

This book will give you that insight – how to select a mentor, whom to select, what to expect from him or her, and so much more…

Academic Competition is Cut-Throat

Students today face severe competition in every field. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, opportunities will pass you by.

My book is the solution for students who want to get ahead, go the extra mile to learn how to study for exams, and helps young academics to discover the most reliable method of achieving the best results.

Learn How To Study For Exams The Easy Way!

This book will not only show you how to study, but also how to shine! Whether you are trying to get a great start in your college career, or give your report card a makeover, these easy steps of study skills will help you sail through assignments and ace tests.

Secrets of A1 Student's Mind

This book contains the remarkable ‘push’ that you need to transform your life! You will learn how to:
  • Reprogram your mind – An Amazing Mind-Revolution that you have never experienced before!
  • Make you expect more from life (The True You That You Want to be!)
  • Become more MOTIVATED!
  • Think and Dream BIG!
  • Remain FOCUSED.
  • OVERCOME problems and difficulties
  • TRANSFORM you from an average student into a top performer

This book does not just come packed with studying tips and advice – it also contains exercises for students to solve after every chapter, so you can be a hands-on achiever!

Once you have mastered the secret mantra of success that I’ve shared in this book, you can apply it to any area of your life, and obtain the same miraculous results!

“Once an Achiever, Forever an Achiever!”

It incorporates the use of NLP techniques to motivate you in life and become an outperformer.

This book is not about getting “slightly better results” – it’s about getting TREMENDOUS results!

“Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind” Contains Everything You Need to Ace Exams, Write Outstanding Papers, and Improve Your Overall Grades!

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If this entire book could be summarized in one word, it would be metamorphosis. The book “Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind” is about enacting a change in your mentality, and how this change brings with it an influx of better grades.

This book, unlike others, does not place undue emphasis on the grades themselves. That is where most teachers and parents go wrong. Instead, the focus should be on developing the overall character and mindset. This is the only way to bring about genuine change. This change, in turn, will teach you how to study for exams and magically transform your marks.

The Studying Tips In This Book Are Cutting Edge

You already have the study skills and experience necessary to be an A1 student – chances are that you simply don’t know how to use them in an effective manner.  My book will teach you how to fully utilize your inherent skills to transform your academic career.

This book will help any student who is constantly looking to upgrade their performance, from average students wanting to know the secrets to getting better marks, to already high-performing students who would like to learn how to work smarter and achieve better grades by working less. This book is also for parents looking to help their children who are struggling with studies and grades.

Geniuses are not born – they are made!

What is contained in “Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind”?

This book is written based on my years of research, experiments, personal experiences and the coaching of thousands of students. These come from my academic excellence as a holder of Masters degrees in Engineering and years of teaching experience as a Math Coach.

The book contains deep insights into the mind of an above-average student. It compares the mentalities of high-performing students with those that don’t perform that well, and aims to help the average student enhance their study tactics and academic mindset.

Using the studying tips provided in the eBook, you will experience revolutional mind-shift, and your grades will change instantly!

It is a mind game, and this book empowers you to master it. Below are the few that you can own immediately:

  • Exercises at the end of each chapter
    These exercises help students think like a peak achiever, and develop the mentality that enables them to think and work smart.
  • Anecdotes and illustrations
    Have you ever seen a child rapt with fascination when you tell him or her a story?
    Ever wondered why all kids love listening to their favorite tales at bedtime?
    The reason behind this is that children have amazing imaginations, and as a result, they are captivated by written stories.
    That’s why “Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind” has a lot of anecdotes which subtly teach the student, and mentally program them to think like a peak performer.
    Their grades will improve, and they will enjoy reading this book because it is designed like a fairy tale. The illustrations will captivate the your imagination, involving both sides of your brain in the learning activity.
  • Tips and pointers
    These tips, accumulated over years of research and analysis, will help you to be on top of your game ALL THE TIME, every time! You can always come back to the book and refresh yourself by going over the pointers again.
  • Self-analysis Tests
    There are quite a few tests in the book which are aimed at instigating a sense of introspection. These tests are based on psychometrics and help you to analyze yourself objectively – what management gurus call a SWOT analysis.
    This enables you to identify where you stand, what your areas of strength are, and what weaknesses you have to work on.
  • Secrets
    This eBook contains some of the most closely-guarded secrets of natural achievers.
    Ever wondered how some students know how to study for exams and simply ace their tests?
    It isn’t necessarily in their genes, or in their technique. They are simply good. Somehow, they ace their exams, even though they seem to do nothing different.
    This book reveals those secrets, so you too can become a peak performer, a high-achiever, a smart worker – and above all, an A1 student!
This book is suitable for:

  • Primary school students.
  • O’Level students.
  • College students.
  • Students who need motivation in studies.
  • Students who yearn for studying tips.
  • Students who want to learn and apply new and powerful studying skills.
  • Students who want to know how to study for exams
  • Students who are going to sit for important examinations but have low confidence.

  • Secondary school students.
  • A’Level students.
  • University undergraduates.
  • Students who want magical change in examination results.
  • Students who are not satisfied with existing results.
  • Students who have tried a lot of studying methods but still failed.
  • Students who are scared of examinations.

IMPORTANT: Befor you read this book, you must:
  • be ready to change yourself to change your results.
  • be open minded to learn new strategies.
  • give your 100% commitment to your studies
  • believe yourself that you are the best in your studies.
  • erase all your limiting beliefs and empower yourself with powerful beliefs.

Note: If you are not willing to take the first step to change yourself first, nobody can help you, even God!

Yes Dennis, I am one of them and ready to learn new learning skills from you!
Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind
What Do The Students Think About Dennis?

As I mentioned this book was written based on my years of experience in coaching. I have shared these strategies in my Math Classes and they have benefited thousands of students from various types of backgrounds. They are:

  1. Top scorers in their class.
  2. Active in sports and atheletes.
  3. Diagnosed to have Asperger’s Syndrome. What is it?
  4. Middle results students.
  5. F9 students and experienced tremendeous result change that they never had before!
  6. From low confident students transformed to highly motivated students.
  7. Phobia in exams revolved to be achievers in exams.
  8. Low interest in Maths become Masters of Maths.

… and many more!

Below are what my students said about me after they are trained and coached by me!
Tips of Study: Testimonial from Stephanie Choy, Jerryl Yong and Hans Tay

Stephanie Choy
  • Cresent Girl School, Singapore.
  • Secondary 3 2011
  • Additional Math and Elementary Math Top Scorer in Class
Jerryl Yong
  • Angelo-Chinese School (Independent), Singapore.
  • Secondary 3 2011
  • School Representative Swimmer
  • Secondary School Nationals ‘C’ Boys 100m Butterfly Record
  • | More 1 | More 2 |
    Google search “Jerryl Yong” and find out more about him!
  • 2 Grade Jump in Elementary Math in two months.
Hans Tay
  • Queensway Secondary School, Singapore.
  • Secondary 3 2011
  • Elemetary Math From F9 to C6

How to Smart Study: Testimonial From Ng Jen Yang, Then Ee Ki and Toh Kai Hwe

Ng Jen Yang
  • Tanjong Katong Secondary School , Singapore.
  • Secondary 3 2011.
  • From F9 to A1 in Additional Math and Elementary Math.
  • From a slacker to a Highly Motivated Student in Math!
Then Ee Ki
  • Outram Secondary School , Singapore.
  • Secondary 3 2011
  • From F9 to A2 in Additional Math
Toh Kai Hwe
  • Outram Secondary School, Singapore.
  • Secondary 3 2011
  • From F9 to A1 in Additional Math

Ng Dean Wern

2011 O’Level Student
Evergreen Secondary School, Singapore.
Diagnosed to be a student with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Now highly confident in doing Math and scoring well in 2011 O’Level Elementary Math Paper.

Secrets of A1 Student's Mind: Testimonial from Ng Dean Wern


What Do Other People Say About the Book?

John Tuneman, 41

freelancer, USA, NY

Concerned father of a
high school son who had a phobia with Exams.

“… My son had phobia in exams, figured out a lot of methods but still failed.

He has had an amazing mindshift after reading the book!

… My son becomes more confident in exams and gets a tremendeous results change!”

Secrets of A1 Student's Mind Ally Kat Testimonial

Ally Katt, 18

Student of Pace University,

New York City, USA


“… I always wonder how a top scorer can perform so well in exams and get good grades effortlessly.

…. After reading the book I was able to clearly understand what I need to do for my O’ Level. I was able to make use of the valueable strategies in the book to change my results.”

Benjamin J. Tolman

New York, United States of America

Born in 07 April 1990

School: Fordham High School for the Arts

“… and because of this book, I can pass my exams with flying colors!

Dennis Yew has done a phenomenal job in outlining the ins and outs of getting good grades. I just wish I had found this book sooner, so that my life would have been a lot more easier!”

“This, I shall say, is a great book. This is not just a STUDY HARDER book. The book explains how to place in shorter study times, less notes, and still become a Straight-A student.”
Sravana Gokul, 2011 O'Level Student, Bukit Panjang Government High School, Singapore.
“This book has completely changed all of my study habits and the way I try to study. It is one of the most useful books I have ever read. This is a highly amazing book. There are much more efficient ways to study than you can realize, and this book will show you what real Straight A students–at top universities–use to get the grade.”
Sherwyne Tan, 2011 O'Level Student, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Singapore.
“If you want to excel in school- you want to read this book. This book is written with amazing techniques. If you read it from cover to cover then you will excel in school. Someone like myself that has a learning disability I was able to improve my learning techniques that helped me achieve A1 from F9. I learned stuff in this book that I never learnt in high school or during my undergraduate studies in college.”
Isabel Wong, 2010 O'Level Student, Ambitioned to be Singapore's Youngest Self-made Millionaire
“I would suggest any college & secondary school student to read this book. I wish I had discovered it sooner like in my freshman year. I use all the things he says in the book. They’re simple and once you master them it becomes so easy. I’ve practiced a few of them and I can’t wait to practice the rest now.”
Stacius Ling, 2011 Secondary 3, Victoria Secondary School, Singapore.

Do you have any idea how much easier my life would have been?

An incredible book, it points out the irony that of all the things we are taught and study in school the one thing we don’t study is perhaps the most important of all: HOW TO STUDY!”

Glenda Koh, 2011 O' Level Student, Cedar Girl's School

study tips testimonial


They have already experienced Results and Life Transformation.



Benefits Of Your Investment

  • First ever book to focus on the problems of students, written from a student’s perspective, who has done that, been there and accomplished it all.
  • The book uses various, scientifically recognized tools and techniques to transform you into a top performing student.
  • It contains guaranteed tips and advice that, if adopted totally, will give phenomenal results.
  • It recognizes NLP techniques for tapping the hidden potential of every student whether average or below average.
  • Easy to understand, enjoyable to read with real life case scenarios.
  • This book promises TREMENDOUS results for anyone who picks it up and practices some of the tricks and techniques mentioned in this book!

ALL These Benefits are within your fingertips at


My Commitment to you: 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your success is my success.
If you don’t find any benefit after reading the book, you will be refunded 100% without question!

My Final Word

Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind reveals the above mentioned and a host of other highly guarded studying tips and secrets that will help you to unlock your true potential and transform into winners.

It will bring you about a change in the mentality, gives clarity to thought, and sets the priorities straight so that you will never again have to STRUGGLE with grades.

You will learn how to study for exams properly and ace your exams with ease. you will succeed and have an illustrious career. This book is a catalyst to your success.

This is your best chance to redeem yourself!

Secrets of A1 Student’s Mind guarantees success! This book could be the ultimate weapon in your armory!

Once you are armed with this, nothing can stop YOU from becoming victorious in life!

You are Genius

This book is your passport to success. Your life will simply transform, if you adopt all the techniques mentioned in the book…

You will get catapulted into a new realm altogether…

Wishing you all the best!

Dennis Yew

Dennis Yew

The author and Academic Coach

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